Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hello folks it has been a LONG time since my last update. I was concentrating on my career and wasn't up for any jibbery entries.

Hold that thought for a while. I have actually lost all data pertaining to my experiences in the subsequent department, I guess too much work have been occupying my time and the only time I have to rest is well spent to counter the amount of work we had to do. Nope. Not complaining at all.

As for updates. A LOT of updates. I got married last year to a lovely guy in July. Gone on our honeymoon had spent like a lot of time together. So pleased how my life turned out to, Alhamdulillah.. And more good news, I am currently pregnant @ 34-35wks!So far so good, my baby is currently around 2kg. Gained around 10kg since pregnancy.

I recently finished my housemanship and currently I am waiting for myself to be posted somewhere. But I guess I just worry about delivery rather than my career for now.

In between the time I met new colleagues, new friends but still close with my old friends and colleagues. I watched all my medical officers becoming specialists, specialists becoming consultants..These are the people that have aspired my years in medical world.

I am still here. Still deciding what to do next in life. Hope I dont take too long to decide.

Miss this blog. Read the previous entries,reminded me so much of the past. My life is colorful. Im so glad of all the things that happened and that have not happened. The reasons behind them are vague but turned out one by one reveals to be very encouraging.

For now I really like to write more about medical issues.
I love stalking for women. I shall do that now. My maternity leaves starts soon. Wish me luck for my labor.

Please feel free to browse through my attempted website for women out there: Healthy Women AwarenessI have made it as simple as possible for people to understand. 

Thank you.

Take care.