Friday, December 10, 2010

Houseman and the dilemma of weekend off

Ok people. Since the last post got a few good responses. I would like to continue to blab about my experience in this blog. LOL.

Anyway, before you choose a career as a doctor, you must ask yourself this: are you willing to sacrifice your weekends in the hospital? If no, then do not proceed with medicine. Hehehe.

Once my mom asked me what do I want her to get for me before she left for outstation. And I told her I would think about it. I want her to get me something really cool. Previously I would ask for some random clothing stuffs... After some time, I kinda knew what I really REALLY want, like in life generally.

I want a holiday, maybe a day or two off. Just that!


Everybody go home on a Friday with relief knowing that the next day they would wake up late in that fluffy bed and just go for breakfast,reading the news paper, go jogging or do whatever.

But for us, its by 7am must be at the hospital ok. So takda la beza sgt dgn hari biasa. Huhu.
Cuma hari biasa balik lambat, weekend selalu akan balik awal skit, depending on what time your specialist would do the rounds with you at your respective ward. So macam agak horror la kalau tunggu2 diorg tak muncul2. Kita dah plan dah, nak tu nk ni.

OK. Jap. Apekah point entry kali ni? Macam kurang berguna je. HAHAHHAHA

Lu pikirlah sendiri.

Korg request la nk tau psl ape. Nnt akak tgk la ape nk tulis. AHAHA

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life as a Houseman

Omg where to start? So many things have happened to me for the past few months. The tears Ive cried so many nights especially during the first two weeks in my working life. I felt like my energy was continuously drained out with no mercy. Sometimes I felt like I will shut down anytime, but deep down I know one way or another I have to go through it all.

Life sucks in the beginning. I had to adjust myself to the system. Learn as quickly as I could. As though my brain was electrocuted after all that holidays..all those wonderful carefree holidays.
Every morning is like being in a marathon. You wake up in the morning, you have all the plans in your head. What blood investigations to take for which patient, have I arranged a CT brain as ordered, have I endorsed the medication as told? All these questions would come up to my brain all at once. I stepped out of the shower thinking what kinda hell my boss would give me today. And this is a routine,every single day.

History taking is very very important. I couldnt stress more on it. And if you want to impress your bosses, you should take a good history. You need a good history to present a good case. And taking history is kinda tricky. Unlike in local medical school, they are trained like mad into history takings, they have like a whole semester dedicated to just taking history and present cases. Man, you guys over there have no idea how hard and how long it took us to get used to the history taking. I was lucky because my senior HOs helped me.

To be able to go oncall, you must perform in your tagging days. I requested my tagging to last a bit longer since I have no confidence to start my oncall that time. I spent my tagging period going to the hospital as early as 6am and stayed in the hospital as late as 3am in the morning. With other hospitals you get to go and do a tagcall,and you will be paid for tagcall. Tagcall is tagging oncall where you follow your senior HO doing oncalls. Unfortunately, in my hospital we dont have tagcall. I stayed late as my own initiative to get more cases to present to the superiors.

But once you survive your first month, everything would sail better, if not so smoothly. You would then look for your old friends from medschool to catch-up, and you would find that somehow you can smile when you go home. It wasnt so bad after all. Adjustments adjustments and more adjustments.

Everything would flow smoothly insyaAllah. You just have to be brave and know your limitations. And you have to also know when to seek help.

My first entry on my houseman-ship experience. More to come later.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ramadhan Mubarak Everybody

Salam. Hope everybody is in great health. I would like to wish all my friends and family members a blissful Ramadhan. May we make the best our of this Ramadhan. I know I havent been doing so for the past few days..sigh.

I have registered with Malaysian Medical Council and sent in my documents to Ministry of Health in Putrajaya. Luckily these places are very near to one another. I am also lucky to have my dad working in one of the buildings there too so I don't really have to park outside, since I'm the worse side-parker ever. LOL. My dad literally had to get me into the pegawai parking lot and literally park for me. LOL. I hate driving. Really bad at it. Urghh.'s so funny when my mom said 'ok chill..breathe in..just can drive' LOL..

After that we had to go to SPA to fill in some forms and have our official letter regarding our employment by them. We can use this letter to apply for car loans. I had to get a new car since I have no transportation to go to the hospital. Just a small cheap national car to get stuffs done here and there. If you just recently graduate and family car is available, please don't go off buying a car yet. Save your money for later when you decide the best car for you. This is what the seniors have been telling me when I met them at work. Unfortunately, I have no car available for myself for going to work, so I had to buy one.

Ramadhan is a great way to lose those weight and start new healthy diet. I lost 2kg the first week of Ramadhan ngee :p. For those who have stomach aches due to gastritis, please have milk during your sahur hour.

some recent comments:

sitinurazani: salam kak helen!!!! waalaikumussalam! hai siti! pakabar?
15 Aug 10, 08:52 PM
stranger: dr. alina! hg dpt HO ktna? belom dapat lagi placement. iA after raya baru dapat! doakan yg terbaik ok!
13 Aug 10, 09:02 PM
dayana: hai sis alina, or dr alina:) sis dulu belajar kat U mana? MMA? and under FAMA or MARA/JPA? RSMU dear.. MARA.
12 Aug 10, 08:42 AM
nad: u still remember me? secetary Dr. Normahdiah =) yuhuuu..nadia! hehe..of course igt..mommy's research assistant yg comel!
8 Aug 10, 10:23 PM
taha: Tahniah di atas kejayaan! thank you
22 Jul 10, 06:33 PM
tokan: salam singgah salam
15 Jul 10, 11:23 PM
Nisa: hullo,just browsing through oh and congrats :) thank u nisa
13 Jul 10, 01:27 PM
sharil: congrat wife rian..aah congrates kak susan on the newborn :)
13 Jul 10, 08:09 AM
wife rian: congrat alina..proud of you do take care uself kak susan yee..thanks akak...akak pun take care jugak..and the baby too huhu
29 Jun 10, 05:12 PM
wahidah: salam..hai aina..rupanya ade blog br eik..lama dh cr ur blog..hehehe huhu waa mane tau blog dulu? haha blog dulu smua dh tutup hehe
29 Jun 10, 04:21 AM
heri: hai..join me
29 Jun 10, 12:56 AM
:): I meant cool webside
29 Jun 10, 12:5

Thank you all for dropping by. Rasa macam gembira ada kawan2 blog.huhu.

Stay healthy.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Malaysia Truly Asia

Hello. Arrived in Malaysia 2 weeks ago, now after dealing with all the hassles of cargo and what not, I'm officially at home for good. Sorted out the clothes and threw some out. Fashion mode in Malaysia is totally different, with all the sun and the humidity. I will miss Moscow, that I know for sure, but not right now, maybe later when I got sick of working long hours in the hospital and in the KL traffic, yes at that time 'maybe' I would miss Moscow.

Moscow have taught us how to be tough. I feel the difference when once we used to just agree with everything,have people stepped on us every year upon registration, towards the end, nobody could bug or mess with us. And I hope we have less hassle in Malaysia, I'm sure I would have a good life here after all those years overseas.

Getting a degree from a non english speaking country means that we need to have translation for every document. This process is very 'leceh'. I regretted going back too early sampai have to menyusahkan people. But my friends are all very kind and understanding. For juniors who will be graduating next year I suggest you stay in Moscow for at least 2 weeks after your official graduation. This is to ensure smooth processing of your result transcript's translation.

I blog using this PC initially just on the floor, then I found a kiddie table with alphabets and the name of flags around the world, and days of the week on it, but I guess a kiddie table is better than no table at all. LOL. So yeah, I'm still on the floor in my bedroom, but the screen and the keyboard is on the small table. It's good enough for now, cant' be asked to go and buy a proper reading table yet.

I will register in the first week of August. Hope to get the nearest hospital to my house. Wish me luck people.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Graduation Dr Alina =)

After 6 years of study..
I can only thank Him for his grace and endless motivation; and my family for always supporting my ups and downs..


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Medschool is DONE!

Sorry have not been able to update as I was very busy. I'm done with final exam. And I did my interview with SPA the next day. I was sleeping whilst waiting for my turn,because I was still tired from post exam the day before.

SPA Interview

A middle age woman interviewed me and she's pretty nice and friendly. I was asked to explain about my practicals in Malaysia and what have it learned from them. I was also asked about the role of a house officer in a hospital. And then I was asked about what I would do in emergency situation. Since the question is pretty general, I just threw in a few ABCs*. It was more like a friendly conversation. The woman was very motherly.

Last Checklist

This check list is to make sure we pass all the books to the library, then only they will stamp on the paper. And there are like 3 points of the library you need to have it done. Ergh. It was such a drag. Seriously. Macam2..ingt balik pun rasa mcm nk strangle je sorg2 yang x bertanggungjawab. Haih.

Graduation Ceremony

Bestnye tak sabar dah. It's gonna in 4 days!After all those years..finally it's all over.6 years of ups and downs. This is a priceless memory. The friendship we built here


*ABC is a well known mnemonic in medicine.
(A=airway,B=breathing, C=circulation)
A= checking airway
B= check if got breathing
C= check the circulation of blood

Yours sincerely,

Dr Alina Hasni (hehehe ;p)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bubu gone home..

Nurbubulu bt Abdullah.
This cat belongs to my bestfriends Iznee & Zack.
Today she flew back to Malaysia.
It's a bit sad when usually she always bug me when she enters my she's not here anymore.
Bubu will be arranged to meet her suitor, Jojo in Malaysia soon.
Hopefully Bubu and Jojo will have cute fury babies in future.

I on the other hand have another one final exam to sit. So wish me luck for that.God I hate studying. I keep scanning facebook and it is sort of addictive. Haha. But I still have to put a lot of effort for this final call..

Anyway, Ive changed the layout and I think this blog will be the main blog for me since I can address official stuffs here in future. Please check out the links on the sidebars esp if you are medstudents, there are a lot of useful blogs up on the side bar. And if you also enjoy fashion, a lot of links are on the side bar too okay?

Keep in touch to all my seniors who are already doctors, my juniors who are still studying, and last but not least to all my friends!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010


MASSAD stands for Malaysian Students Annual Dinner. Every year, MASSAD takes place at around May time of the year. The dinner is to celebrate the final year students who are to graduate at the end of academic year. This event have created a sense of belonging for us here.

Usually MASSAD would last from evening to night time, so the Maghrib prayers are always at stake. Every year MASSAD committee would prepare a corner for muslim students to pray.

Here's a few tips for MASSAD for muslim girls who want to dress up and wear make up but still pray Maghrib.

1) You must bring the following in your MASSAD bag: make-up remover with facial cotton (2-3 pieces are enough), your face toner and mosturizer, and also the make-up itself. Have your socks ready.

2) Before attending MASSAD, make sure you use water washable mascara and easily removed face make up products. After your maghrib prayers, you can opt to use any mascara you wish. After that dry your face and reapply your toner and mosturize your face. You can opt to wear the makeup after praying.

3) Set your alarm to remind you when Maghrib starts, this will give you a rough idea when to go to the toilet and do ablution (wudhu'). In the toilet, remove your make-up with your make-up remover and wash your face thoroughly. This is when washable mascaras become handy, because it would come off easily when you wash them.

4) If you wear a decent dress which is fit for praying usage (lose and your hijab falls below your chest), then you do not have to bring telekung. (I think normally MASSAD committee would have a prayer costume ready for you in the praying corner/hotel room).

5) MASSAD would have open floor for the non muslims to dance, you can slip out early as MASSAD committee would always prepare early buses for those who do not want to stay.

Be home early okay girls. You want to be a part of them but you are also an image of your religion. Be a professional muslimah. Keep in touch!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Islamic Teaching Referrences From a Parasitology Point of View

[This is not a hijab btw,it's just my ordinary praying costume, I just cant be bothered to wear a proper attire for a video LOL, sorry for my laziness people]

This video is to just surfacely go through what my lovely professor (who is a specialist doctor in parasitology and traveler's medicine) have to say about a 'well-known' taboo of impurity that lies within a certain types of animals within the Islamic teachings. (of course you would have to watch the video to know what animals they are since I would not want this video to cause such offense to the people around..sorry in advanced)

He's the professor that caught me taping his lectures on my previous video called "2 Years Later. A vlog!" (that was funny).

His insights about parasites are remarkable and from the way he teaches us, he seems very wise and precised. He have spent all his lives traveling to many places to give treatments to the locals, working with the World Health Organization (WHO). His favorite country is Singapore but he has deep passion for India.

I'm just so glad to have known him. =)

Have a nice weekend people.I'm having an early weekend over here. It's really great!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

A day in Kremlin

spring's beautiful tulips..


pweetie flowers

iznee's legendary jump

zack, iznee and me (we're bestbuddies and roomiess)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Cappucino

Spring Cappucino
Spring Cappucino by cynicalmd featuring Balenciaga bags

Loving this look!
Ok back to ze books..ngee XD

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Weekly Vlog: Suicide bombings and SN visit

Here's this week vlog. Pretty tired after exams. But was worth it.
Last week I have no computer access due inevitable technicality. So expect another video from last week. But cant promise anything.

YEAY one more exam to go and I'm done with this nightmare!

Take care people! Enjoy every moment of your life because you might not get it back =)

Extremely horrendous after the exams. LOL. This is how I look after not having proper sleep.LOL But oh well. Here's the LONGGGGG rambling.
I wouldnt watch it if I were you.LOL.


Moscow by CMD

Hi friends.
I love photography. I love the use of angles and composure. I love reading about the techniques used in photography. =) Travelling and photography are my favourite hobbies (of course when I have sufficient amount of money). Actually I like being in photos too, as you can see I have many photos of myself,with friends etc. Being in a photo is very entertaining. Expressive art is also one of my favorite petty hobbies. With lovely friends like gobat, who also love taking pictures, I by now have a collection of around 100G of pictures in my external hard disk. LOL. Here are some pictures I would like to share with you. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Young Smokers to Stop Smoking.

Just did our rotation in tuberculosis rotation in the hospital. We had to analyze xrays and have had a great insightful week. We had a few cases on lung cancer too and I think it's best to start with the basic, which is to remind people on the danger of smoking itself.

Smoking kills- and thats not just there for the tagline in campaign, it really happen. And looking at the number of cases we've analyzed throughout the years of medschool, once you're a smoker, you are automatically placed into the group risk of developing lung cancer 10 or 20 yrs from now. Please be careful. Asses your coughing pattern, if you think you cough more than previous years, then you might be in trouble. Cancer is taking up a lot of cost and it's such a sad fact just because it can be avoided.

Thanks.Sorry for the short, not so much comprehensive input, but heyy cut me some slack =P

EDIT: ignore the horrendous bookrack. packing my way out of Moscow soon. Started just now by sorting out the books and the clothes to get rid off.LOL.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I got Soul but Im not a Soldier!

This video is made by Dinie Tumaisuri. We've got soul although we're not soldiers. It has a deep meaning! We had fun doing it.

Event: World Cup Trophy Tour and watched St Patrick parade.
Location: Kremlin Red Sq, Arbat Street.

Pictures would be posted later insyaAllah.

how effin cool is this? i had a great time thanks to the wonderful people around! =p


Thursday, March 18, 2010

My First Vlog in 2 Years!!

Please Rate Comment and Subscribe! And visit Adorable Muslimah! Thanks Salam!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Women's Day Dine Out

Happy Women's Day. 8th of March each year is a public holiday for us in Moscow. And Russians take Women's Day seriously. Most of the girls flocked around the city with flowers in their hands. Thousands of floral purchases are made during this festival. And what more can I's a gift bestowed upon us. Many wishes to women all around the world..may we bring pride and joy and comfortable homes to the future heroes of our time.. (waw..rasa mcm bagi speech Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita Keluarga & Masyarakat pulak hehe)
Location: Yakitoria, M. Noviey Cheremushki, Moscow

sulas gobat, lin gobat n iznee gobat

sushi kitchen!!

we all would want the boat...yezz..boat...but its too expensive!

zack gobat,alan gobat and maz gobat

I love you guys so much my Gobat friends..Will miss hanging out on Women's Day like this when we all are stuck in the hospital..isk..


Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Mission: Building a SNOWMAN

we're on a frozen lake!you dont believe us?..

look at the sign board- no swimming!!seee!!

objective to mission is still unclear.

then a snow-las-3 is build without plan

snow-las-3 is prototype version of the snowman to come! it worked!

Vocab of 61
snow-las-3 n. a snowman made with human intact inside name Sulastri. Instead of Sulastri, her name can also be written as sulas3. Snow-las-3 is invented by group 61, final med students on one fine Sunday evening.


1) gathered snow to one place.made a small hilly snow.

2) realized that the snow hill is getting bigger and bigger by circumference.

3) made a cone on top..

4) everybody was already freezing. decided to just hang the scarf n stuck the carrot in.

5) taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. a snowman with a BMI of 46 (morbidly obese)

tea to defrost everybody

with samosa! this was at the kebab shop near our hostel.

the end.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Bro!

My brother Moe is officially 21 yrs old today!!

Eugene's New Year food..=)

Eugene's Chinese New Year!!

Gong Xi Fa Choi Eugene!!

Food that Eugene brought! So Nicee!!

Recipe for Eugene's raw finger food:
1) smoked salmon
2) oysters in salt water
3) crab sticks
4) tooth picks

How to:
open them from their packets and cut into small pieces and stick the tooth pick in them in a row.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Heart Throbbing Sales!

Hey people! Massive sales are everywhere in Moscow! Im sure in your country too! I went to Kremlin's Gum mall (its a bit like Pavilion in KL,Malaysia) and the sales are HUGE! The Accessorize shop there is one of the biggest of its kind. Sales from 50-70% off!

do you know how many bags are on sale? HUNDREDSS!!

I tried like 6 bags and bought only one! I love that purple pouch..and the vintage bag on my right but I cant buy all. I need to stick to my budget! I wish I have more money :(

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thick snow in Moscow!

Its 'good' to be back in cold cold Moscow. I cant believe its my final year with snow!

yup the snow is that thick here in Moscow

Hospital compound just poured with massive snow

the idea behind this was to make myself an ice queen xD

Welcome to russia!

You have 4 months to go! Just enjoy the snow cynicalmd!