Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Malaysia Truly Asia

Hello. Arrived in Malaysia 2 weeks ago, now after dealing with all the hassles of cargo and what not, I'm officially at home for good. Sorted out the clothes and threw some out. Fashion mode in Malaysia is totally different, with all the sun and the humidity. I will miss Moscow, that I know for sure, but not right now, maybe later when I got sick of working long hours in the hospital and in the KL traffic, yes at that time 'maybe' I would miss Moscow.

Moscow have taught us how to be tough. I feel the difference when once we used to just agree with everything,have people stepped on us every year upon registration, towards the end, nobody could bug or mess with us. And I hope we have less hassle in Malaysia, I'm sure I would have a good life here after all those years overseas.

Getting a degree from a non english speaking country means that we need to have translation for every document. This process is very 'leceh'. I regretted going back too early sampai have to menyusahkan people. But my friends are all very kind and understanding. For juniors who will be graduating next year I suggest you stay in Moscow for at least 2 weeks after your official graduation. This is to ensure smooth processing of your result transcript's translation.

I blog using this PC initially just on the floor, then I found a kiddie table with alphabets and the name of flags around the world, and days of the week on it, but I guess a kiddie table is better than no table at all. LOL. So yeah, I'm still on the floor in my bedroom, but the screen and the keyboard is on the small table. It's good enough for now, cant' be asked to go and buy a proper reading table yet.

I will register in the first week of August. Hope to get the nearest hospital to my house. Wish me luck people.


  1. nearest hospital would be Hospital Serdang, right?

    or kajang?

  2. yup2..serdang or kajang or putrajaya..nearest hosp around lol

  3. luck... you lucky...

  4. Salaam. kak alan, congrats. I'm happy for you.I wil be missing you blog and talk crap about Russia hehehe.. M'sia is heck better yo!

  5. anon: lucky? would love to be lucky! amin!

    bella: Wslm..huhu thanks dear. LOL. I dont think I will be talking crap about Russia anymore. LOL. in fact, I think now I'm more normal since Ive stopped talking to myself ages ago..LOL