Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ramadhan Mubarak Everybody

Salam. Hope everybody is in great health. I would like to wish all my friends and family members a blissful Ramadhan. May we make the best our of this Ramadhan. I know I havent been doing so for the past few days..sigh.

I have registered with Malaysian Medical Council and sent in my documents to Ministry of Health in Putrajaya. Luckily these places are very near to one another. I am also lucky to have my dad working in one of the buildings there too so I don't really have to park outside, since I'm the worse side-parker ever. LOL. My dad literally had to get me into the pegawai parking lot and literally park for me. LOL. I hate driving. Really bad at it. Urghh.'s so funny when my mom said 'ok chill..breathe in..just can drive' LOL..

After that we had to go to SPA to fill in some forms and have our official letter regarding our employment by them. We can use this letter to apply for car loans. I had to get a new car since I have no transportation to go to the hospital. Just a small cheap national car to get stuffs done here and there. If you just recently graduate and family car is available, please don't go off buying a car yet. Save your money for later when you decide the best car for you. This is what the seniors have been telling me when I met them at work. Unfortunately, I have no car available for myself for going to work, so I had to buy one.

Ramadhan is a great way to lose those weight and start new healthy diet. I lost 2kg the first week of Ramadhan ngee :p. For those who have stomach aches due to gastritis, please have milk during your sahur hour.

some recent comments:

sitinurazani: salam kak helen!!!! waalaikumussalam! hai siti! pakabar?
15 Aug 10, 08:52 PM
stranger: dr. alina! hg dpt HO ktna? belom dapat lagi placement. iA after raya baru dapat! doakan yg terbaik ok!
13 Aug 10, 09:02 PM
dayana: hai sis alina, or dr alina:) sis dulu belajar kat U mana? MMA? and under FAMA or MARA/JPA? RSMU dear.. MARA.
12 Aug 10, 08:42 AM
nad: u still remember me? secetary Dr. Normahdiah =) yuhuuu..nadia! hehe..of course igt..mommy's research assistant yg comel!
8 Aug 10, 10:23 PM
taha: Tahniah di atas kejayaan! thank you
22 Jul 10, 06:33 PM
tokan: salam singgah salam
15 Jul 10, 11:23 PM
Nisa: hullo,just browsing through oh and congrats :) thank u nisa
13 Jul 10, 01:27 PM
sharil: congrat wife rian..aah congrates kak susan on the newborn :)
13 Jul 10, 08:09 AM
wife rian: congrat alina..proud of you do take care uself kak susan yee..thanks akak...akak pun take care jugak..and the baby too huhu
29 Jun 10, 05:12 PM
wahidah: salam..hai aina..rupanya ade blog br eik..lama dh cr ur blog..hehehe huhu waa mane tau blog dulu? haha blog dulu smua dh tutup hehe
29 Jun 10, 04:21 AM
heri: hai..join me
29 Jun 10, 12:56 AM
:): I meant cool webside
29 Jun 10, 12:5

Thank you all for dropping by. Rasa macam gembira ada kawan2 blog.huhu.

Stay healthy.


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