Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Mission: Building a SNOWMAN

we're on a frozen lake!you dont believe us?..

look at the sign board- no swimming!!seee!!

objective to mission is still unclear.

then a snow-las-3 is build without plan

snow-las-3 is prototype version of the snowman to come! it worked!

Vocab of 61
snow-las-3 n. a snowman made with human intact inside name Sulastri. Instead of Sulastri, her name can also be written as sulas3. Snow-las-3 is invented by group 61, final med students on one fine Sunday evening.


1) gathered snow to one place.made a small hilly snow.

2) realized that the snow hill is getting bigger and bigger by circumference.

3) made a cone on top..

4) everybody was already freezing. decided to just hang the scarf n stuck the carrot in.

5) taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. a snowman with a BMI of 46 (morbidly obese)

tea to defrost everybody

with samosa! this was at the kebab shop near our hostel.

the end.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Bro!

My brother Moe is officially 21 yrs old today!!

Eugene's New Year food..=)

Eugene's Chinese New Year!!

Gong Xi Fa Choi Eugene!!

Food that Eugene brought! So Nicee!!

Recipe for Eugene's raw finger food:
1) smoked salmon
2) oysters in salt water
3) crab sticks
4) tooth picks

How to:
open them from their packets and cut into small pieces and stick the tooth pick in them in a row.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Heart Throbbing Sales!

Hey people! Massive sales are everywhere in Moscow! Im sure in your country too! I went to Kremlin's Gum mall (its a bit like Pavilion in KL,Malaysia) and the sales are HUGE! The Accessorize shop there is one of the biggest of its kind. Sales from 50-70% off!

do you know how many bags are on sale? HUNDREDSS!!

I tried like 6 bags and bought only one! I love that purple pouch..and the vintage bag on my right but I cant buy all. I need to stick to my budget! I wish I have more money :(

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thick snow in Moscow!

Its 'good' to be back in cold cold Moscow. I cant believe its my final year with snow!

yup the snow is that thick here in Moscow

Hospital compound just poured with massive snow

the idea behind this was to make myself an ice queen xD

Welcome to russia!

You have 4 months to go! Just enjoy the snow cynicalmd!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

CMD in Malaysia

Hello sorry for the silence. I just got back from my winter holidays in Malaysia!
How is everybody? I hope everybody is doing great. Im still thinking whether or not to start a vlog. Trust me I have issues with public appearance irony since me and my friends like having our photos taken (which girl doesnt), but I cant seems to find the courage to make a video since I felt sudden attack of inferiority complex looking at the number of subscribers on youtube. Its like an obligation to make a useful video rather than blabbing as I once liked..i miss the old days.LOL.

Anyway. I had fun in Malaysia! Lots of food and lots of carbs and fat. Ive gained 2kgs but hopefully would eventually lose it in Moscow until graduation. LOL. What? Chubby is cute what..haha.

Here's a few pictures of us in Malaysia! You should visit Malaysia. Malaysia truly Asia..

National ZoO

Feeding Mr Girrafe

being Mr Turtle

Mr Snake and Malay Britney? LOL

Visit the below link for more fashion supplies ;)
Adorable Muslimah