Thursday, February 11, 2010

CMD in Malaysia

Hello sorry for the silence. I just got back from my winter holidays in Malaysia!
How is everybody? I hope everybody is doing great. Im still thinking whether or not to start a vlog. Trust me I have issues with public appearance irony since me and my friends like having our photos taken (which girl doesnt), but I cant seems to find the courage to make a video since I felt sudden attack of inferiority complex looking at the number of subscribers on youtube. Its like an obligation to make a useful video rather than blabbing as I once liked..i miss the old days.LOL.

Anyway. I had fun in Malaysia! Lots of food and lots of carbs and fat. Ive gained 2kgs but hopefully would eventually lose it in Moscow until graduation. LOL. What? Chubby is cute what..haha.

Here's a few pictures of us in Malaysia! You should visit Malaysia. Malaysia truly Asia..

National ZoO

Feeding Mr Girrafe

being Mr Turtle

Mr Snake and Malay Britney? LOL

Visit the below link for more fashion supplies ;)
Adorable Muslimah