Saturday, February 13, 2010

Heart Throbbing Sales!

Hey people! Massive sales are everywhere in Moscow! Im sure in your country too! I went to Kremlin's Gum mall (its a bit like Pavilion in KL,Malaysia) and the sales are HUGE! The Accessorize shop there is one of the biggest of its kind. Sales from 50-70% off!

do you know how many bags are on sale? HUNDREDSS!!

I tried like 6 bags and bought only one! I love that purple pouch..and the vintage bag on my right but I cant buy all. I need to stick to my budget! I wish I have more money :(


  1. omg! how i love to be rich like u and buy all things that i want..whoaa !!! i love to shop but no money..shoot me up!!!! so the suffer

  2. lol trust me if im rich i wouldnt be blogging, id be doing other stuffs like travelling and travelling!

  3. nahh... extra 5ringgit for u! cukup tak nak borong semua?? =p