Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Mission: Building a SNOWMAN

we're on a frozen lake!you dont believe us?..

look at the sign board- no swimming!!seee!!

objective to mission is still unclear.

then a snow-las-3 is build without plan

snow-las-3 is prototype version of the snowman to come! it worked!

Vocab of 61
snow-las-3 n. a snowman made with human intact inside name Sulastri. Instead of Sulastri, her name can also be written as sulas3. Snow-las-3 is invented by group 61, final med students on one fine Sunday evening.


1) gathered snow to one place.made a small hilly snow.

2) realized that the snow hill is getting bigger and bigger by circumference.

3) made a cone on top..

4) everybody was already freezing. decided to just hang the scarf n stuck the carrot in.

5) taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. a snowman with a BMI of 46 (morbidly obese)

tea to defrost everybody

with samosa! this was at the kebab shop near our hostel.

the end.


  1. too cold and the snowman won't stick. too warm and it melts.

    it's not that hard to make one, but non-ideal conditions make it less easy than it looks.

  2. ihsan: exactly. couldnt agree more. but then again, that would totally be our last attempt at creating longgg moscow! LOL