Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life as a Houseman

Omg where to start? So many things have happened to me for the past few months. The tears Ive cried so many nights especially during the first two weeks in my working life. I felt like my energy was continuously drained out with no mercy. Sometimes I felt like I will shut down anytime, but deep down I know one way or another I have to go through it all.

Life sucks in the beginning. I had to adjust myself to the system. Learn as quickly as I could. As though my brain was electrocuted after all that holidays..all those wonderful carefree holidays.
Every morning is like being in a marathon. You wake up in the morning, you have all the plans in your head. What blood investigations to take for which patient, have I arranged a CT brain as ordered, have I endorsed the medication as told? All these questions would come up to my brain all at once. I stepped out of the shower thinking what kinda hell my boss would give me today. And this is a routine,every single day.

History taking is very very important. I couldnt stress more on it. And if you want to impress your bosses, you should take a good history. You need a good history to present a good case. And taking history is kinda tricky. Unlike in local medical school, they are trained like mad into history takings, they have like a whole semester dedicated to just taking history and present cases. Man, you guys over there have no idea how hard and how long it took us to get used to the history taking. I was lucky because my senior HOs helped me.

To be able to go oncall, you must perform in your tagging days. I requested my tagging to last a bit longer since I have no confidence to start my oncall that time. I spent my tagging period going to the hospital as early as 6am and stayed in the hospital as late as 3am in the morning. With other hospitals you get to go and do a tagcall,and you will be paid for tagcall. Tagcall is tagging oncall where you follow your senior HO doing oncalls. Unfortunately, in my hospital we dont have tagcall. I stayed late as my own initiative to get more cases to present to the superiors.

But once you survive your first month, everything would sail better, if not so smoothly. You would then look for your old friends from medschool to catch-up, and you would find that somehow you can smile when you go home. It wasnt so bad after all. Adjustments adjustments and more adjustments.

Everything would flow smoothly insyaAllah. You just have to be brave and know your limitations. And you have to also know when to seek help.

My first entry on my houseman-ship experience. More to come later.


  1. tell us about ur marriage :P

  2. u need to tell us some moooree..since im also wil be graduating sooonnn and i can assume u dat my brain is EMPTY'.take care..love from moscow

  3. awwww~
    thank u! now i don't feel so scared :)
    u don't give up too k ;)

  4. kak allen...tetibe rase takut.nk grad xlame lg nih.kne bace buku bnyk2 la jwbnye.tp still praktikal sini kurang.Good luck kak allen=)

  5. hye allan, and hi to all my dear juniors back in moscow...

    we were trained in different system back in moscow, lack of practical... but don't take it as a big excuse.... we are great people, and we just need a lil time to be just great as the locals are... trust me, and believe yourselves.... adjustment, adjustment and adjustment... and in the end, you'll surprise yourself that u can actually perform much2 better than the local grades... and i'm very proud to say that i'm a russian graduate... RSMU...!!!

  6. i know how hard it is, a life you're facing right now..not that i am a doctor myself.. it's from my experiience..i have been warded for several times during my second pregnancy, before delivering the baby for early contraction n placenta praevia type 1.. it's hard to see infront of our bare eyes, fresh doctors were being blamed n scolded like there's no tomorrow.. while the specialists n senior doctors will treat us n speak like having no tongue..very polite n quiet.. surprisingly!

    be still girls.. it's how it is.. if you are strong enough to undergo years n years of memorizing n understanding human bodies n such, then you are special.. you can do this.. you are strong..it's just a transition from study life to working life you need to adjust.. i know it sounds cliche n simple, but it's still is.. you are strong, if not you'll never take medicine as your path, like me.. (im a sucker in science be it bio or chem of physics or whatever :p)

    so be strong n still.. it's just a matter of time..

    -kak efa scipp :D

    p/s: did i motivate you good enough? hehe..

  7. wow. what an experience you've got. since, I am not yet A doctor, I couldn't help much. Hahaa. but, just gonna tell you to do your best and stay positive:)

  8. teruskn menulis,selalu dengar Dr Norma je yg cerita pasal kak lina...ur story can make a novel!!really! =)

  9. fatyma: lol not yet..

    anon: trust me everybody feels the same way

    ili: lol..chaiyokkk

    dod: trust me, sgt kurang ok. hehe

    tiffany: sail through it all! we can do it! =P

    kak efa: wahhh terharunyee dpt kaunseling speciall :) thanks kak..biaselah rona2 kehidupan..hehe.

    dayana: thank you!

    apa yg kau rasa (?): thankss hehe

  10. salam.where's the like button..
    like like :)
    will stalk u more often..;)

  11. don't you know that i've been stalking you for the past 12 month?
    i try find you vid's, name, etc. finally now i know your name "Alina Hasni" and graduate from med school

    i just wanted to say that i really like you,
    hope you succed with what you do now...

    your video about Contact Lenses make's me amazed,
    i like muslim girl in the first place...

    hm, well i am from indonesian. good to know you.
    bye bye,,,