Friday, December 10, 2010

Houseman and the dilemma of weekend off

Ok people. Since the last post got a few good responses. I would like to continue to blab about my experience in this blog. LOL.

Anyway, before you choose a career as a doctor, you must ask yourself this: are you willing to sacrifice your weekends in the hospital? If no, then do not proceed with medicine. Hehehe.

Once my mom asked me what do I want her to get for me before she left for outstation. And I told her I would think about it. I want her to get me something really cool. Previously I would ask for some random clothing stuffs... After some time, I kinda knew what I really REALLY want, like in life generally.

I want a holiday, maybe a day or two off. Just that!


Everybody go home on a Friday with relief knowing that the next day they would wake up late in that fluffy bed and just go for breakfast,reading the news paper, go jogging or do whatever.

But for us, its by 7am must be at the hospital ok. So takda la beza sgt dgn hari biasa. Huhu.
Cuma hari biasa balik lambat, weekend selalu akan balik awal skit, depending on what time your specialist would do the rounds with you at your respective ward. So macam agak horror la kalau tunggu2 diorg tak muncul2. Kita dah plan dah, nak tu nk ni.

OK. Jap. Apekah point entry kali ni? Macam kurang berguna je. HAHAHHAHA

Lu pikirlah sendiri.

Korg request la nk tau psl ape. Nnt akak tgk la ape nk tulis. AHAHA


  1. doctor mmg best kan? :)~

  2. Salam 'alayk,
    kak Alina sekarang doktor bidang apa dan dekat mana?
    I miss your vlogs defnitely and Kak Neem too! Being doctors must be so hard, aint it. All the best to your career OK!
    My sister, Aqilah, also would want to be a doctor, but she wants to be a dentist.

  3. medical dept in serdang takde weekend off ke?

    when i was in the medical dept in my hospital my one day per weekend off is quite redundant coz it's always in between an EOD or i'm always postcall so day off = catching up on sleep.

    but hey, no complaints. day off post call ke, in between EOD ke, the most important thing is that i get to catch up with my sleep :P

    good luck with work alina!

    - shakirah who is enjoying her weekend off after two consecutive weekends of being on call :)

  4. salam,
    good to see you got your blogging groove again. i found it useful to write about my experiences. just keep telling yourself it gets better, and appreciate the little blessings God gives you each day. think of it, which other jobs gives you pahala (insyaAllah) in addition to salary? i found it easier to think of it not as a job, but as a vocation.
    now that im in masters and a mommy of one, and soon to be mommy of two, juggling housework, motherhood, wifehood, daughterhood and studies..i look back on houseman days as one of the best days of my life (apart from uni la).
    if you had told me that back then i would have laughed in your face. :)
    best of luck, and i know you can do it.