Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Recently posted to Cardiology. Shocked in awe. Everything hits me. ECGs!

During my medschool, reading ECG is almost the same as passing out urine. It come and it goes. LOL.
Oh god you have no idea what I've been doing during my medschool. Or what I've not been doing.LOL.

Friggin interesting cases. Ive now encountered real Atrial Flutters and Atrial Fibrilations in hemodinamically unstable patients. There's shock here and there. CPR non stop.

We eat ECGs and drink CPR basically. OK not tht I'm good in ECG now but BETTER than before. You guys over there have no idea how important it is to know ECGs, esp in emergency cases where you need to shock these patients. Haih. Couldnt emphasize more.

But oh well. Go read on VT in your Sarawak Handbook. You guys should have got it by now. I had a hard time going through it in medschool whats with all the short forms, basically I can put my Sarawak handbook in the freezer. But people, its time to defrost it and eat it.LOL

I need to work tommorow. Everyday must work you know..Haih..No weekend off. If I collapse then just leave me. I give consent DIL NAR to myself. Jk.

Good money? yeah maybe but no rest. So sincerity is the key to become a doctor. Trust me I got pissed off knowing the 'oncall' McD staffs got paid more than us,but please, be sincere in our work.

Ok. Ciao. Bace VT,bile nak cardiovert,bile nk shock..baik korg bace skrg.

Kak Alan


  1. Baca, jangan tak baca VT. Remember that leaders are readers. Best of luck!

  2. Kak lina, mau request cite psl first time kena bgtau kat parents psl kematian...sungguh sedih wo dgr Dr.Norma story...sob sob...cecite,cecite!! =)

  3. ECG is a tool to help physician to get diagnosis.
    Good luck in knowing more on ECG :)

  4. really enjoy viewing blog kak alan,,although i'm not in medic field,,but i'm love it very much...keep on writing,,,,,,chaiyokk

  5. wait, you sign your post as Kak Alan now ? ;p