Saturday, February 5, 2011

Acute Beds

hey people.

hows everybody doing?
ive been very busy lately taking care of the acute cubicle. MRSA la, Leukemia la, DKA la..haha.tapi layan! menarik! yg tak best ABG marathon la. tukar setting sket kene amik ABG. haih. dh brapa kali aku lari ke lab nk trace ABG takut clot! PPK mcm chipsmore je..dr aku tunggu PPK baik aku yg anta, satgi kalau boss tanye2 kang aku yg kene padahal punyela berusaha gile amik ABG. depending on patients la..ya Allah ada yg pulse volume x elok sgt susah betul nk amik. tskkkkk..

oh btw layman term, 'acute' meaning as in critically ill ones, most on oxygen supply and tracheal mask and what not.

trying to grasp every detail about each patient i take care of. tried memorizing their stories and their blood results. i guess it takes time to be able to be like my MOs, they remember the whole ward's cases. crazy.

i asked one of my MO who just recently past his specialist course (he is now a specialist btw)

" boss how the heck u remember all the cases in the whole entire ward?"

and he replied

"by linkage"

and i asked him "wut?"

"well you tend to remember your patient when you try to link them with what you know and how they are presented. its like seeing your patients with mind maps linking all that details from first presentation of their symptoms to how they have been managed and their progress!"

no wonder i cant remember all my patients. i never really linked them in my head. i used to be so pissed off when the specialist said we dont know our patient. most of the time i rolled my eyes and look at the floor. i felt so menyampah-gile-mcm-la-ko-sorg-je-yg-bagus-dlm-dunia-ni LOL. ala biasalah orang muda mestilah emosi bila kena hampuk kan? huhu but then as menyampah as i felt, deep down i know that ..yeahh, i should know my patients inside out! my brain is not gonna turn into a computer unless i force them to. no choice!

so currently im trying my best to upgrade my RAM la. though i dont think 1 weekend per month off is enough time for that to take place. lol . byk pulak complain kan dah dpt weekend off tu senyap jela. haha. ala to be honest I normally start to shut down my brain when I work non stop for like 3-4 weeks, no rest, no day off. lol.

lame lagi ke nk jadi specialist leh tido kat rumah angkat tepon jawab soklan bagi orders je huhu. berusaha! chaiyok2!

okla. dr aku blog kt sini tah pape baik aku pegi upgrade RAM otak aku dgn tidur yg cukup huhu.



  1. semoga berjaya increase ur RAM ye alan...chayiok..:P

  2. guna teknik Tony Buzan! dulu saya study SPM Biologi pakai teknik dia lah

  3. 4G RAM should be good enough...