Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Mabul Story

Hey everybody,
Im good thanks for asking. I will answer the formspring questions later when I got time.

Life has been good. I just got back from Tawau recently and it was great seeing how houseman work over there. Seafood is well cheap. Great people, nice town la. I want to go there again someday after getting my diving license which is like..err..when? Ok finela I have to collect money firstla. LOL. Sipadan is nearbyla but you need to book to go there 3 months in advanced for the scuba-diving.

We went to Mabul Island which is like so breathtaking. They have their wooden houses on water wei. My god they have no idea how lucky they are there. You see normal kids kickin football and playing bicycle. Over there these kids swim and boat race wei! Best gile. I used to be so jakun during flood period bila balik kampung, Im sure I would be a very happy child if I grew up in Mabul. LOL.

Their Klinik Kesihatan also not bad la. The clinic is just near the sea la. KK Semporna they call it. I wouldnt mind getting posted there.OK. I do mind a bit la since I might get pretty homesick. But then again as my hosp director would say la, all HO from our hosp confirm dapat sabah/sarawak as MO. So just wishful thinking la its not somewhere like Kapit or what not. I mean leisurely I wouldnt mindla taking the boat to the clinic but daily basis wise I think I might die wei. LOL. ORRRR I could opt for radiology la and stay in Semenanjung. AND on top of that I would have like 2 weeks more leave as well! It's called the Radiation Leave. Cool innit?
My Cardio MO once asked me "So Alina, what are you gonna do after this?"
and I replied "Hmm..I want to be a cardiologist la" and my MO laughed out loud LOL.

She went "Ok dear, I was like you also before, wanting to be a cardiologist, on top of the field yada yada, but when I got married, things change. Cardiology is ok for guys la I think"

And I went like "So what's your choice now then?"

" err...maybe Radiology or or Dermatology" she said. We laughed.

Okla I need to study. There are a lot of 'JOURNALS' that I need to read. (Buku medschool pun x habis baca nk bace journals LOL).


If you want to be successful, you must keep yourself busy.
If you want to be resourceful, you must become a busybody.


  1. takde gambar kat sana ke?

  2. Haha kelakar la asyik might die je kan.. Haha.. Even am not a dr, I pon jelessss d radiologist got dat 2 weeks radiation leave esp when Kak amie is on leave and it's radiation leave urghh.. So cud we got erm ___leave oso haha

  3. Hie Alina, I am wondering why u said in yr post that its great seeing the way hseman work in Tawau? I hv been sent to Tawau and am wondering whether I should appeal because I have never been there nor have i been to west Msia so I am very apprehensive. Thank you so much :)-J-