Wednesday, May 19, 2010


MASSAD stands for Malaysian Students Annual Dinner. Every year, MASSAD takes place at around May time of the year. The dinner is to celebrate the final year students who are to graduate at the end of academic year. This event have created a sense of belonging for us here.

Usually MASSAD would last from evening to night time, so the Maghrib prayers are always at stake. Every year MASSAD committee would prepare a corner for muslim students to pray.

Here's a few tips for MASSAD for muslim girls who want to dress up and wear make up but still pray Maghrib.

1) You must bring the following in your MASSAD bag: make-up remover with facial cotton (2-3 pieces are enough), your face toner and mosturizer, and also the make-up itself. Have your socks ready.

2) Before attending MASSAD, make sure you use water washable mascara and easily removed face make up products. After your maghrib prayers, you can opt to use any mascara you wish. After that dry your face and reapply your toner and mosturize your face. You can opt to wear the makeup after praying.

3) Set your alarm to remind you when Maghrib starts, this will give you a rough idea when to go to the toilet and do ablution (wudhu'). In the toilet, remove your make-up with your make-up remover and wash your face thoroughly. This is when washable mascaras become handy, because it would come off easily when you wash them.

4) If you wear a decent dress which is fit for praying usage (lose and your hijab falls below your chest), then you do not have to bring telekung. (I think normally MASSAD committee would have a prayer costume ready for you in the praying corner/hotel room).

5) MASSAD would have open floor for the non muslims to dance, you can slip out early as MASSAD committee would always prepare early buses for those who do not want to stay.

Be home early okay girls. You want to be a part of them but you are also an image of your religion. Be a professional muslimah. Keep in touch!


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