Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bubu gone home..

Nurbubulu bt Abdullah.
This cat belongs to my bestfriends Iznee & Zack.
Today she flew back to Malaysia.
It's a bit sad when usually she always bug me when she enters my she's not here anymore.
Bubu will be arranged to meet her suitor, Jojo in Malaysia soon.
Hopefully Bubu and Jojo will have cute fury babies in future.

I on the other hand have another one final exam to sit. So wish me luck for that.God I hate studying. I keep scanning facebook and it is sort of addictive. Haha. But I still have to put a lot of effort for this final call..

Anyway, Ive changed the layout and I think this blog will be the main blog for me since I can address official stuffs here in future. Please check out the links on the sidebars esp if you are medstudents, there are a lot of useful blogs up on the side bar. And if you also enjoy fashion, a lot of links are on the side bar too okay?

Keep in touch to all my seniors who are already doctors, my juniors who are still studying, and last but not least to all my friends!



  1. shouldnt name it bt Abdullah. tu kan nama ayh rasulullah.

  2. finally!

    Abdullah is also hamba Allah..kucing juga adalah hamba Allah (termasuklah ayah Bubu)

  3. MMg besT.sBB manUsia TreaT kuciNG mcm 'binaTanG' la, kucinG kenE sepaK.keNe bUanG dLM lonGkaNg.wat a worlD.pFft..~BUBU's MOmma.

  4. Abdullah is hamba Allah but manusia. not binatang. thats the different. i didnt make this. ustaz told me once ago. for example like u panggil kucing dgn nama Muhammad. or lets take other binatang. like lembu ke. hamba Allah jugak. but binatang.
    its just a advice. if u already put ayah bubu as abdullah, then next time dont k :) ustaz said nama orang boleh but not name like this la.

  5. awwww, BUBU is my best friend.
    poolpy. lephat siol

  6. Omg ur cat is so fat!!I had a Russian cat once..