Saturday, June 26, 2010

Medschool is DONE!

Sorry have not been able to update as I was very busy. I'm done with final exam. And I did my interview with SPA the next day. I was sleeping whilst waiting for my turn,because I was still tired from post exam the day before.

SPA Interview

A middle age woman interviewed me and she's pretty nice and friendly. I was asked to explain about my practicals in Malaysia and what have it learned from them. I was also asked about the role of a house officer in a hospital. And then I was asked about what I would do in emergency situation. Since the question is pretty general, I just threw in a few ABCs*. It was more like a friendly conversation. The woman was very motherly.

Last Checklist

This check list is to make sure we pass all the books to the library, then only they will stamp on the paper. And there are like 3 points of the library you need to have it done. Ergh. It was such a drag. Seriously. Macam2..ingt balik pun rasa mcm nk strangle je sorg2 yang x bertanggungjawab. Haih.

Graduation Ceremony

Bestnye tak sabar dah. It's gonna in 4 days!After all those years..finally it's all over.6 years of ups and downs. This is a priceless memory. The friendship we built here


*ABC is a well known mnemonic in medicine.
(A=airway,B=breathing, C=circulation)
A= checking airway
B= check if got breathing
C= check the circulation of blood

Yours sincerely,

Dr Alina Hasni (hehehe ;p)


  1. aduh best nye org da settle for good
    tahniah to u and oso to kak iznee
    selamat pulang dan berbakti pada negara terchenta plak okeh

  2. Salam

    CONGRATULATION Dr Alina Hasni!:-)

    Moga Allah permudahkan urusan dan perjalanan yang seterusnya...Moga Allah beri yang terbaik pada Alina...Ameen

    Good Luck & All the best ya!

    You take care then!

    With LOVE from UK:

  3. congrats!! next stop... kawen! hahaha =p

  4. hawa: hahaha thankss sis..xpe2..blaja elok2 ye..huhu..selamat berpuase !

    faiza from UK: wslm wbt..thank you dear! doakan akak ye..good luck to you too and all the best!

    azzam: thanks weh.haha bykla stop keja separuh mati kot..hehe

  5. chome nyer.. doktor pulak tu, bertuah la kalau dapat diperisterikan.. ;)
    cari yang hensem2, yang bagus2 buat boyfriend ok, kalau tak rugi dik..