Saturday, April 17, 2010

Islamic Teaching Referrences From a Parasitology Point of View

[This is not a hijab btw,it's just my ordinary praying costume, I just cant be bothered to wear a proper attire for a video LOL, sorry for my laziness people]

This video is to just surfacely go through what my lovely professor (who is a specialist doctor in parasitology and traveler's medicine) have to say about a 'well-known' taboo of impurity that lies within a certain types of animals within the Islamic teachings. (of course you would have to watch the video to know what animals they are since I would not want this video to cause such offense to the people around..sorry in advanced)

He's the professor that caught me taping his lectures on my previous video called "2 Years Later. A vlog!" (that was funny).

His insights about parasites are remarkable and from the way he teaches us, he seems very wise and precised. He have spent all his lives traveling to many places to give treatments to the locals, working with the World Health Organization (WHO). His favorite country is Singapore but he has deep passion for India.

I'm just so glad to have known him. =)

Have a nice weekend people.I'm having an early weekend over here. It's really great!



  1. Erk, naper setiap video Youtube yg saya embedded kat blog hilang ek? dia kata video has been removed by author. sy x remove pun video tu??? mcmana ek?

  2. Haha awak salah org la nk tanya. saya memang dr dulu fail bab2 IT ni haha