Sunday, March 28, 2010

Young Smokers to Stop Smoking.

Just did our rotation in tuberculosis rotation in the hospital. We had to analyze xrays and have had a great insightful week. We had a few cases on lung cancer too and I think it's best to start with the basic, which is to remind people on the danger of smoking itself.

Smoking kills- and thats not just there for the tagline in campaign, it really happen. And looking at the number of cases we've analyzed throughout the years of medschool, once you're a smoker, you are automatically placed into the group risk of developing lung cancer 10 or 20 yrs from now. Please be careful. Asses your coughing pattern, if you think you cough more than previous years, then you might be in trouble. Cancer is taking up a lot of cost and it's such a sad fact just because it can be avoided.

Thanks.Sorry for the short, not so much comprehensive input, but heyy cut me some slack =P

EDIT: ignore the horrendous bookrack. packing my way out of Moscow soon. Started just now by sorting out the books and the clothes to get rid off.LOL.


  1. how about someone that not smoking but surrounds by people who smokes which actually that person be a passive smoker

  2. hope u r not in metro subway.lubyanka station

  3. i see. note taken. memang sudah terasa makin susah untuk bernafas.

  4. are you by any chance faking ur accent? you're a malay and there isnt a need to talk as if you were actually a real british..

  5. anon 1: yeah passive smokers have the same chances too but not as high as the real smoker.

    anon 2: alhamdulillah im not. heh..

    wildchild: prevention is better :)

    anon 3: lol. yet again with this me when it come to accents, i dont fake them. since u're so smart, why dont u suggest a tongue transplant for me?

  6. ahah miss alina, i would but really, wht's the point eh? i dont mind ur british accent.. well and a bit of american i must say.. but u know, the body language and hand gestures.. they arent so pretty.. i mean u're a gorgeous lady so this kind of thing quite spoils everything..

  7. anon 3: well then, you know ur way out =)

  8. Hahahaha. Poyo siut org atas nie uu.. accent orang laa body language laa hand gesture pun nak sebok2. gi aaa sebok ngan family ko dulu baru sebok2 ngan org lain. nie laaa org panggil bengap susu.. hahaha. confirm takde life.. sebok ngan org lain. duhh..