Saturday, March 8, 2014

Updates in CynicalMD

Hello folks.
Hope everybody is doing just fine.

I gave birth to my first son last May, he is now 10 months old as of yesterday!
I didnt have much time in my hand. Heck. I dont even have time to check my whatsapp.

The last 10 months has been a blessed really. My son was born 2.49kg in Sime Darby Medical Centre. Conducted by our precious obgyn Datuk Dr Siti Zaliha Zainal. All covered by Bank Negara. Well, not all of it but I must say, being a medical doctor does help though since I was not being charged with consultation fees up to my delivery dates. Apparently it is unethical to charge consultation fees to fellow medical colleagues, which I think was pretty uplifting. Allocated money for delivery was around RM4k but it boils down to only RM200++ in the end. Saved up good money for baby stuffs.

The little guy is growing really fast. I didnt keep track of all the milestones into a book and what not. I didnt want to put that kind of pressure at early age I guess. But currently at 10 months, he cruises around, trying to stand at his own feet, always smiling, get mad when people tell him not to do or take stuffs. LOL.

The joy of motherhood. Im like 5kg heavier, chubbier, and 10 million times more happier. Kekekeke.

These are just some pictures I have in this laptop to share.

Day 1 of life : Mr Aziq & Mommy

Day 2 of life. I didnt swaddle him like usual babies, so he was all over.

This was the next day after delivery. I could vividly remember how the sun shone through my hospital room window on his little face. Priceless.

This was maybe around 4weeks,  when we got him his first vaccination. Stylo tak?


During our 1st wedding anniversary

mommy and Aziq at 2 months old.

I think thats all for now. I got more pictures but mebbe in my future posts.

Adios. Update me ok.


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